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Capital Behavioral Health & Wellness, LLC

Partners in Treatment, Evaluation, Education, and Research
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Please pardon the look of this website.  It is currently receiving a makeover, although the text content of most sections is relatively complete.  Thank you for your understanding. 


Capital Behavioral Health & Wellness, LLC (CBHW) specializes in a variety of client-focused mental health services.  CBHW offers clinical outpatient,  consultation, program evaluation, and research services and strives to build meaningful and collaborative relationship with whomever we work!

Clinical Services
  • Individual and couples therapy
  • Personality testing (Limited)
  • Diagnostic Evaluation

Research Consultation

  •  Professional consultation for research protocols
  •  Rigorous summative and formative evaluation for mental health agencies
  •  Workplace/community organization seminars


Wellness Services

  • Personal training
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Yoga Instruction